Our Activities

Ladies Brunch/Social Gathering:

A women’s only program design to give a break from everyday life. Ladies learn about AMWA programs and are invited to get involved and support them. It is a fun social activity that is enhanced by local women business vendors who display and sell their products for community support.

Annual Summer Interfaith Luncheon:

This event is open to all community members. It is an interfaith program with lectures given by representatives of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths, who provide their interpretations of concepts from the Torah, Holy Bible and  Qur’an as it relates to the particular theme chosen for luncheon. The speakers are invited to engage in a panel discussion with each other and the audience. The luncheon event gives AMWA an opportunity to provide a forum and connect with those who are not available to attend evening programs 

Anniversary Award Dinner:

During this event AMWA honors non-Muslims in our community by presenting them with an award of appreciation to recognize their effort and support for dispelling the negative stereotypical images of Islam.  The awardees are also recognized for their help in encouraging interfaith understanding, harmony and cooperation in the community.

Teachers Workshop:

Earmarked for social studies teachers and is held during the annual NY Public School S. S. Teachers Conferences. AMWA provides qualified speakers to increase the teacher’s awareness and understanding about Islam and its diverse culture, to enrich the teacher’s teaching strategies and increase cultural sensitivity. AMWA also provides educational resource materials.

Education program:

In partnership with “Westchester County Office for Women” and “YWCA of White Plains & Central Westchester”. AMWA has an educational program for women in our community so that they will be better informed about issues affecting them and grant access to resources that can improve their life.  This has now been expanded to include virtual presentations.  Topics often explore the various aspects of the Islamic way of life and community resources.

Community Participation:

  1. Walk
    1. Alzheimer’s Walk
    2. American Cancer Society Walk
    3. Feeding Westchester Walk
    4. Out of Darkness: Suicide Prevention Walk
  2. Volunteer
    1. AMWA Programs

Cultural Events:

A Movie and discussion in partnership with Unity Productions Foundation (UPF). Their mission is to counter bigotry and create peace through the media. The films are part of long-term educational campaigns aimed at increasing religious and cultural pluralism, especially among Muslims and other faiths.

B. In collaboration with Muslim For ArtsAMWA presented Rohina Malik’s Plays Unveiled, Yasmina’s Necklace, Mecca Tales and Keeping the Faith: three sister’s story.